Facial Acupuncture in San Diego

Everyone wants longevity, but no one wants to grow old
~Liang Shiqiu

Try-Me Special: Initial consultation and 3 Facial Acupuncture Treatments for $195 (Save $240!)

Facial acupuncture is a non-surgical procedure which uses acupuncture needles (thinner than a human hair) to tone facial muscles and increase blood flow to the skin so you look and feel radiant.

~Smooth away wrinkles.
~Melt away stress.
~Look and feel like you’ve been on vacation.

What do you have to lose?

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Look Radiant

Improve your facial muscle tone to regain the look of your youth.  Reduce bags and sagging and lift drooping eyelids.  Tighten your pores and bring a healthy new color to your face.

Melt Away Stress

Release tight shoulders, sore necks, and clenched jaws. Soothing treatments are an oasis from daily life, leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated like a mini-vacation.

Feel Vibrant

Enhance your appearance by improving the elasticity of your skin, increasing local blood circulation, reducing stress, and promoting total health and well-being.